Meet the team

The CBT Systems Team consist of graphics specialists, professional pilots and engineers who are dedicated to and passionate about the aviation industry. Two key positions in CBT Systems are as follows:

The Managing Director is Martin Butler.  Martin  retired from Air New Zealand after nearly 32 years as an airline pilot. He has been a Captain with Air New Zealand on Boeing 737, Boeing 767, Boeing 787 and Boeing 777 aircraft. He has also been a First Officer on the Iconic Boeing 747. Prior to 1989 Martin was employed by the Civil Aviation Authority as a pilot on the 'Calibration Flight' F27 aircraft that checked Navigation Aids throughout New Zealand and the Pacific Islands, an area extending from the Chatham Islands  to the outer isles of Tahiti, as far North as Nauru and across to the Solomon Islands. In addition, he has run Flight Training Schools throughout New Zealand and has Flight Instructor qualifications.  All in all - a very interesting and rewarding Career in Aviation. 

The Quality Assurance Manager is John Grieve. John has also retired from Air New Zealand and been a Captain on the F27, Boeing 737,Boeing 767, Boeing 777 and the Boeing 747-400. He has also been a First Officer on the DC-8 and the Boeing 747-200. John was with Air New Zealand for 40 years and has a flight experience exceeding 22000 hours. His time in Air New Zealand included ten years as a Training Captain on the Boeing 767 and five years as Check and Training Captain on the Boeing 747-400.

Prior to joining the Airline ,John completed a Bachelor of Science degree at Canterbury University and taught at St Andrews College in Christchurch. He then went on to Instruct at the Whanganui Commercial Pilot School ( one of the two Commercial Pilot Schools in New Zealand at the time ) As can be seen John has had a very rewarding career and one which is reflective of his passion to teach and help others.

In fact, the personnel associated with CBT Systems have a collective experience level that measures in the hundreds of years. But that does not mean we think we know it all. In fact, to the contrary, the core strength of the company is that  individually every one of our team accepts they do not have all the answers. However, collectively we do think we are an unbeatable team and as a company we will deliver on our promise and commitment to you as a student, to ensure that; 'The course you receive will not only prepare you to pass the external (Aspeq) exams, it will provide you with the underpinning knowledge required for a successful aviation based career pathway.'

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