The CBT Systems Team consists of a small but focussed group of professional Airline Pilots, Aircraft Engineers, Air Traffic Controllers and Flight Instructors who are dedicated to, and passionate about training in the aviation industry. CBT Systems team has been delivering aviation theory training courses since the 1990s, and has evolved with proprietary software that is innovative and focussed on providing a much higher quality of on-line learning than the industry standard.
Our personnel have a collective aviation experience level that measures in the hundreds of years. A core strength of the company is that we have the technical knowledge and diverse practical experience, to deliver on our promise and commitment to you as a student, of providing a quality flight theory training program that will turbo boost your career pathway.
CBT System is dedicated to the delivery of high-quality aviation theory training programmes in secondary schools throughout Australia.
Our Vision is to provide a pathway, particularly for school students who have an interest in one of the many aviation careers available to them. Whilst primarily designed for Pilots, Aircraft Engineers and Air Traffic Controllers, our foundation courses are applicable to many other aviation career options as well. We also specialise in helping older students, who may fear that they have “missed the boat” by assisting them to catch up with their career aspirations.
Commercial Flight Training is a hugely expensive undertaking and normally involves a very high student loan debt. Many students fail commercial training courses, because they are not properly prepared for the higher level of accelerated learning, that these courses require. Our Mission, is therefore to specialise in the foundation courses for aviation (those subjects that are aligned to the Private Pilot Licence Syllabus), and to provide a pathway for students into the commercial flight training schools, where they will have a far greater chance of success. CBT Systems therefore provides a cost effective opportunity to "try before you buy" a higher cost program.
CBT Systems is also providing this unique and innovative training opportunity to secondary schools because we understand that “Timing is everything” in aviation. The younger students are, when they embark on the aviation highway, the greater the return on their aviation training investment will be. The key to success, is building a strong foundation to begin with.

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