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  • CBT Systems Courses

    Every effort has been made to ensure our courses comply with NZCAA Syllabus requirements.  A more in depth matrix is available for industry training providers. 

    Please contact us if you have any questions.

  • Aspec Industry Examination Results

    Aspec provides the NZCAA Licence Examinations for the NZ Aviation Industry. 

    The ASPEQ Statistics for examinations for the Private Pilot Licence (PPL) level for the year 1 January - 31 December 2020 clearly shows that it pays to ensure that you are properly prepared to pass these examinations. With the examinations subject cost at $94.12 there is no substitute for treating your theory training as seriously as your flight training. The 2020 full year statistical return from Aspeq, shows that approximately 4314 Private Pilot Licence Examinations were attempted, averaging 719 Students sitting all 6 Private Pilot Licence Examinations. 

    The first time Student failure rates per subject (for 2020): Law: 21%,  Human Factors 11%, Meteorology 36%, Navigation 31%,  ATK 44%, FRTO  17%. 

    2021 - Aspeq first time Student failure rates per subject: 

    First Quarter (Average of 138 Students per exam) : Law: 55%,  Human Factors 15%, Meteorology 52%, Navigation 41%,  ATK 60%, FRTO  24%.

    Second Quarter (Average of 133 Students per exam)Law: 37%,  Human Factors 16%, Meteorology 43%, Navigation 39%,  ATK 47%, FRTO  17%.

  • NZ Civil Aviation Authority Licence Requirements

    Knowledge Deficiency report (KDR)

    NZCAA AC61-3

    “An examination knowledge deficiency report (KDR) is a report issued on completion of a written examination that details areas where questions were answered incorrectly. The applicant for a private pilot licence flight test must provide the flight examiner with written examination KDRs and evidence of knowledge improvement in accordance with rule 61.21(a)(5). These KDRs, with content acknowledged against the relevant rule reference(s), must be certified prior to the flight test by a Category A or B flight instructor that the applicant has been examined in these areas and their knowledge has improved. The flight examiner conducting the flight test will test the applicant’s knowledge of the written examination subject areas including but not limited to items included in the KDRs. The private pilot licence written examinations are based on the syllabuses detailed in Appendix II of this advisory circular. All applicants are required to hold an approved English Language Proficiency credit, this credit will be required to at least Level 4.”

    CBT Systems on-line learning programs provides students with the ideal platform for subject revision where KDR’s have been identified. CBT Systems provides sufficient time (at least 2 weeks) at the completion of the Aspeq examinations for students to review the relevant CBT Systems material (CBT on-line Programs). In addition, Student Reference Manuals are provided for each subject to allow students to review subject matter indefinitely.

    It is suggested that Students review the CBT Systems KDR Policy Document and where NCEA Credits are requested, the CBT Systems Policy Document must be complied with.